My pendrive is not showing data

Hey, can any one of u help me.. i had 32 gb pendrive of kingston.. and when i copy my data from my HDD to Pen drive.. it shows the files in it fr like 5 minutes.. and when i restart my laptop or re insert pendrive in the port.. the pendrive shows nothing but it shows the filled space.. its nt hidden.. ihv tried in folder and search options too.. nothing wrkd out plss help me dudes... :D
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  1. Get a real Kingston one and not one of those fake Chinese ones first.
    Sorry to inform you but you have ended up with a dummy pen drive....
  2. Does the pen drive still detected? had u tried in other port / computer ?

    try run full/deep scan for bad sector....
    and then reformat it (NTFS prefered) ........

    see if it fix it,
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