Is 50" to big

Hi all, i'm considering buying an HDTV. The one that first caught my eye was a 50" made by Samsung ((16:9) dlp 720p) but then I get home and look at my 27" 4:3 aspect ratio and I cannot decide if the 50" is just too big.

I would be setting this up about 10 -12 ft away---eye level.

The reason for thinking about the current model is that its cheap around $800 U.S. and the lesser sized tv's are more expensive. Does anyone have a Big screen in this small of room? any thoughts and or links would be great.

ps. I'm not a big movie watcher, just sports and tv. This is my thoughts on staying with a 720p and not going with the 1080p (I see no reason to get a blue ray or HD DVD player and all the tv stations here broadcast at 720p)
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  1. Generally speaking, get the biggest, with good quality, TV you can afford. You will always wish you'd gone bigger.

    I currently sit 11.5' from a 106" 720P HD screen and will be stepping up to a 120" when I go to a 1080P projector soon.

    When viewing a display you're about to purchase, bring a tape measure and view from the distance you'll be sitting at home if possible. 42" may seem big from 5' away at Best Buy, but will seem smaller at home on the opposite wall.
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