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I think this is the right forum.
I have a HP Pavilion Elite m9510f (Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit) in my room and a Gateway MT6705 laptop (Windows XP Professional 32 bit) in my living room on the left. My laptop can not play any games beside old games. I also have a big TV monitor in my living room next to my laptop. My living room is not very far from my room. I want my laptop and tv to stay in its place. I do not want to buy any new hardware or download any free trial or buy software. Only free software and whatever equipments I have (I'll mention the equipments and softwares I use below).

Desktop connected to monitor(It has many different slots for pretty much any type of cable)
via VGA connector with a audio black cable(I do not know what it is but it sound come on from the monitor) and PS/2 keyboard and mouse

Laptop with USB mouse
TV monitor (It has many different slots for pretty much any type of cable)
HDMI cable (probably 3-6ft, I just know it is small)
Two Composite cables (RCA plugs Yellow/Red/White)
VCR with in/out slots for Composite cables
Desktop Speakers from an old Dell Desktop
PS3 Controller with USB dongle cable with MotionJoy and XPadder installed in both systems

Note: I appreciate any solutions for my main question. It will great if you can answer all my questions. I really want to get this to work. It might be highly impossible. I want a way to do either one:
PC extends to laptop. Then clone laptop view to TV.
PC extends to TV

I search the Internet for a week but I have not found any solutions yet. So I'll ask it here.
Main question: Is it possible to extend my desktop and play two full screen pc games (Not two player games. Let's say first game is a free MMO game and second game is Saint Row 3) at the same time? It means one person using the primary monitor to play a game using a keyboard and mouse and one person using the second monitor(laptop monitor or TV monitor) to play a game using a PS3 controller.

What I did so far to get extend desktop:
First thing I need to do is extend my desktop, but I have problems. I want to find a way to extend my desktop to my laptop wirelessly. So I used ZoneScreen to do that, but it lags because of my Internet(DSL). My laptop only have one slot for VGA, but no HDMI slot. So I want a way to connect my desktop to my TV monitor. I have a HDMI cable, but it is too short. My desktop monitor only have one slot for VGA(Blue connector) and two HDMI slots. I could use to the HDMI cable to connect my desktop monitor to my desktop and use the VGA connector to connect to my laptop. But I do not want to bring my laptop to be next to my desktop. I want to leave it in my living room.
Also there is no way I am moving my TV neither.

1. Is extend desktop supposed to lag if you use your laptop as monitor? Isn't it supposed to use my desktop's graphic card to display it? I know clone view does not lag.

Ignore the question below. I already tried it and it did not work.
2. Is it possible to connect my desktop to my VCR to my TV monitor to show the extended desktop? My VCR has in/out slots for the RCA connector(Yellow/Red/White cables) and a Video 2 in/out slots with the same colors(Yellow/Red/White). My cables has Yellow/Red/White plugs on both sides. So I was wondering if I can connect the cable from the desktop monitor which has those three color slots to the VCR and then use another of that cable to connect to my TV which also has those three color slots? Will that display the right side of my desktop when using extend desktop or my desktop will not detect it? Maybe it will not work at all? If it does not work, then I guess buying a longer HDMI cable is the only solution.

Second Question: How can I play the two games at the same time without alt tab or switching?

What I found so far:
I do not know if this software supposed to make this happen or not. SMP Seesaw. If I have two of my processors be used for one game and the other two processors for another game, will that allow me to play both games? First game: Keyboard/Mouse Second game: PS3 Controller
I know there are virtual machines or workstations programs like BetWin. Betwin said I need a USB keyboard and mouse. I only have a USB mouse to use with my laptop. But my keyboard is a built-in keyboard. Will that work? Probably not.
Will using mouse pointer programs like Team Player or PluralInput work?

Third Question: If I can extend my desktop, how can I use my PS3 controller to play in the second monitor?

What I thought about so far:
Since my desktop does not have a bluetooth adapter, my PS3 controller must be connected with USB and MotionJoy. But the problem is I must stay near the desktop in order to use the controller because the USB dongle cable is too short. I do not want that. So I was wondering. Can I connect my controller via USB to my laptop with MotionJoy and remotely control my desktop with the controller? Let's say I use my TV as the second monitor for my desktop. Then I remotely connect to the desktop with my laptop using VNC, TeamViewer, or some other software with the PS3 controller connected to the laptop. While a full screen game is on my second monitor(TV monitor), will it take input from my controller remotely? Let's say in the game I press the cross (X) button to jump, will the game accept that as jump? I know if you remote desktop to another computer, you can click with your mouse and type with your keyboard and it will work. So does the controller work that way? If it does work, I know playing a game will be shown laggy in my laptop monitor. But will it lag in my TV monitor since it is connected to the desktop via cables? If not, then I can deal with playing the game while looking at the TV with no lag instead of looking at the laptop. I hope I explained it well.

Four Question: If my previous ideas work, will sound come out from my TV from the second game? I do not want to hear the first game and second game. Only the second. If not, how can I do this?

What I have: If no sound comes out from the TV, I do have speakers that can connect to my desktop and reach next to the TV.

If there are addition software or hardware that I need to achieve the answer to my main question beside what I already mentioned, please let me know.
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    I am 99.99% sure what you are trying to do will not work.

    1) you laptop screen cannot be used as a monitor since you only have video out

    2) your computer will only focus control on one of the two games

    3) even if you would succeed to display the two games on two different monitors only one game can be controlled
  2. just get a long enough hdmi cord. Don't buy it from best buy, just get it from some cheap sketchy online store. Should cost you less than $10.

    Controlling 2 different windows might be possible. But you will only be able to have 1 active at a time. So to control the inactive window you will need a program that basically keylogs your ps3 or keyboard/mouse and manually sends it to the inactive window. I'm a programmer and have written some programs that send stuff to inactive windows in autoIT. I don't know any freeware programs that do this though so goodluck with that.

    But you could still run into other problems. Like, I run SW:TOR in window mode. when it's not active, it does not send sound to my speakers. Or some games are picky about their input. A long time ago I tried scripting commands in Mount & Blade but it wouldn't work.

    It might be more efficient to get a second job for a month and buy another pc instead of spending 3 months trying to figure this out. :)
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