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I'm not sure if this is the right forum or not, so please feel free to move it.

Our church will be upgrading our current lack of video situation from a simple overhead project this fall and having "weight" on input, I'm researching our options. Some people have mentioned the idea of projectors as is commonly popular with college class rooms and churches, but these opinions have little base for reasoning other than their friends said it was a good way to go. Most people don't do their own research and find things out for themselves, if you ask me.

The room in question has a LOT of natural sun light, so that right there is going to be problem with projectors. I visited one church that had two flat panel tv's (46-50in) hanging above the stage and I liked that presentation rather than R2D2 hanging from the ceiling above the first row of seats projecting on to a screen that had to be pull down.

Here is a picture of the sanctuary ( ). On the left wall, you will see 3 large windows; there are 4 in total on that wall and 3 same-sized windows on the right wall.

What are some thoughts that would help me consider in researching this issue?

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  1. Sun, the enemy of projectors. The amount of lumen's needed to overcome that could cost more than a couple of flat screens.

    Skip the screens all together and use the funds to help people.
  2. I'd agree with KingLoftusXII.

    I have a projector at home (BenQ MP610) and given the apartment layout, my screen has to be on the West wall (consisting of three oversized windows). Even with blackout curtains on the West wall, the ambient light from the single window on the North wall washes out the screen. Go with the large flat-panel TVs.

    -Wolf sends
  3. Thanks for the responses everyone! :D

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