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Sam's has the Sony Wega 32HS510 on sale for $800. I have watched Cable TV on a neighbor's set and it looks really good. There is a DVI connector in back and it claims to sport 1080i (HDTV). It is 4X3 aspect ratio, however. The question is: Is there any video card for the PC that will hook up to the DVI connector of this excellent TV set so that some of the popular games (such as doom or flight simulator) can be played directly from the PC to this set via the DVI connector? I assume that connecting via the S-video out would still be choppy, ghosty, and below par, so, the only question is whether or not that DVI input can be made functional and if it is supported by any video card and PC games? littleberry
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  1. I don't see why not. If it has DVI then just hook it up to a computer and set it as the monitor. The quality of your gaming will depend on how much you spend on a videocard.

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  2. ATI and nVidia have both moved to offer better controlls for output to an HDTV. Now, I'd go with 720p rather than 1080i for display mode, because progressive scanning is native to the card while interlaced requires a little fudging of the hardware by the software.

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