New dvd player?

I just upgraded my tv from the old crappy 14" one I had for about a decade but now my dvd quality has really diminished.

Here is the new tv I have:

The quality of normal tv seems fine but whenever I put a dvd it'll go low quality texture and a tad blurry unless it's a close up. I didn't have this problem with the old tv so I'm thinking it's because the new one has higher resolution while I still have a crappy dvd player which can't match it? It's connected to the dvd player with the rca jack. Any idea on why it's like this?
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  1. Did you set up all the settings on the DVD and TV to match each other?

    There's a good article about it.
  2. Tacohead you think right!
    if you are hooking up a high def TV to a regular TV using regular cables you are not going to get an improvement on the picture quality. so yes you can upgrade your DVD player...
  3. The site gives very limited specs about your TV, aside from HDMI compatible there's no mention about other connection.

    DVDs and Player is limited to 480p. However some new movies like Cars or Iron Man can be upscaled to 720p and produce better quality.

    When you say RCA jack did you mean composite signal ( YELLOW wire ) or Component old name is Bitstream ( RED, GREEN and BLUE wire) which hold higher than 480 lines of resolution.

    If your DVD have Component terminal at the back; use it instead of the composite signal. You can use regular RCA cords as long a you match the color of the terminal you are using at the other end. But your TV should support this connection.

    Most DVD player now a days have Component signal Conectors but make sure your TV and DVD will match the frequency otherwise you are going to have a virtical lines or horizontal lines like on an old TV. However your new TV is LCD so hope you'll not have that problems just make sure you'll be able to return the player or at least exchange it when such issue occurs. Check if you can find a DVD player that can do up-convert.

    Otherwise get your self a Play Station 3 or an Bluray Player that does upscale.
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