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hey, i was wondering which PC i should buy cause currently i have none. I was thinking along the lines of amd athlon x2 4000+ or intel e2140 from dell which cost same about 400 dollars with 250gb hard drive, 1gb ram and 256mb ati radeon hd 2400(no moniter). if you guys could help it would be wonderfull because i dont know much about computers and which to buy.ty
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  1. If all you want to do is basic computing like web surfing, document editing and movie watching, either one will be fine. The X2 4000+ is the faster CPU, but you won't notice a difference during basic uses. I would, however, recommend that you add another 1gb of RAM since Vista is a memory hog.
  2. Unless Dell has one of their free upgrades of another GB of RAM, I'd buy another stick after you get the machine, Dell, like most mfg, really marks up this stuff. Once you get the machine you can do a post about what to buy and where you'll get the best prices if you're not sure. Agree you definitely need another GB. I would go with the AMD speed is speed, like with cars, all else being equal, if for the same amount of money you can get a faster car, why wouldn't you even if you'll not likely to notice it? Never know one you might want that little extra push.
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