12 Monochrome Laser Printers


We look at a dozen of the most popular black-and-white laser printers, discussing a wide range of options, as well as printer and toner cartridge pricing.
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  1. The Dell 1700 series have a good track record with our company.

    We have about 4 of each, Dell 1700n & 1710n printers of this series. There is a little known feature in this series of printers, in the web interface, that can significantly lenghten the toner use. From the main menu, choose "printer settings" then choose the "Quality Menu" hyperlink. Here, along with DPI and picture grade printing, you will find a menu item called "Toner Darkness". The deafult setting is 8 (10 being the most toner used). I have set all of ours to 4 which is just about the border of where the lightening will beocme apparent but use a lot less toner to do the job.

    I highly recommend them, even though we have had 2 them fail within a year for mechanincal reasons, which Dell quickly & painlessly sent a replacement. The other died in use after 3 years because the area in which it lived in accumulates a lot of gravel dust (warehouse) and the little rubber paper feed rollers dried out and jammed repeatedly until it could take it no more. But they have been an ever present all around workhouse for us here.

    I lLike em, recommend em, and the use-and-return toners, to save money. Given a paper cost of $0.005, the total cost per page should be between $0.019 and $0.013(config tweek above) real world.

    Our current oldest printer (dell 1700n) has 62,920 pages under it's belt and still moving right along.
  2. Well just remember guys about the topic that the researcher had done from New Zealand or something about the amount of particles that were released by theses laser printers to the surrounding air.

    They are bad if you ask me based on that study and I would be careful and use ink jet if you don't absolutely need to mess with laser. It would make sense!
  3. Just so you guys don't think that I'm spewing garbage here is a link!

  4. I looked forward to this article as it seemed as if it might be applicable to my printer needs both at home & at work.
    The first reviewed unit I looked at was the Brother HL-5240DN Laser Printer. It looked really good especially quote:
    "You can purchase a regular toner cartridge that's good for about 3,500 pages for $74, a high-yield cartridge that's good for 7,000 pages for $98 or a drum unit that's good for up to 25,000 pages for $178."
    I thought 25,000 pages for $178? I'm ordering from Amazon RIGHT NOW!
    But it is not to be as it's the drum unit only for $178.It's separate from the toner you still have to order. So it doesn't mater which yield cartridge of toner you buy -- you still have to replace the drum unit every 25,000 pages.
    So lets see -- if the drum unit lasts for 4 7000 page high yield cartridges -- thats 28,000 pages. The you'll pay $178 for the drum & 4 times $98 for the toner -- Those 28,000 pages will cost you $570!
    If you read the drum reviews on Amazon you'll see that people are replacing those drums LONG BEFORE THEIR 28,000 PAGE LIFE CYCLE IS UP -- Not good Brother!
    And a disappointing review guys.
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