SATA remapped to IDE port -- need help

I have a gigabyte 8iK 1100 Mobo with the 875Pchip. Current config: SATA HD on sata0 and DVD ROM on IDE sec master. But the default setting of the mobo remapped the SATA0 to IDE pri master when i installed Win XP. Now I want to add a DVD writer. But when I connect it to the IDE PRI master my HD won't boot anymore. I've already tried changing the remap thing in the BIOS. But when I set SATA0 to SATA0 and as first boot device chose the SCSI. It won't boot up.
I can't figure out why? Has this anything to do with the windows installation? What can I do about it?
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  1. never mind
    fixed the problem by flashing BIOS and clearing DMI data pool

    this topic can be closed

    merry christmas
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