How do I clean inside my lens?

I purchased an F100FD a few weeks ago and today I noticed a few specs of dust inside the lens, so I blow into the lens to see if I could just blow the dust out. After I blow into the lens it fogged up and left some spots now visible in my photos, now how do I clean the lens now? I feel like I just broke my new camera! :fou:
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  1. If you still have store return or replace policy so have them repaire or replace it. If the policy expired then try to get Fuji to fix it.

    Unless you have proper tools and a very good understanding on how the lens put together, I would not recommend opening it as you'll void the warranty.

    I would assume you blow it with your mouth or compressed air which is a big mistake when cleaning lens area, next time use a vacuum cleaner.

    A Vacuum Cleaner ( design for electronics cost about $250 but you can by a portable dirt devil ( for less than $50 and doing a little bit of modification on the spout and it'll works just fine. together with a soft, chemical-free and dry lint-free cloth. Large vacuum works fine too as long as you're careful not getting parts suck up.
  2. You would think that these lens are a sealed unit, why would anybody not seal a lens? I can build computers, put together airplanes from sticks of balsa wood and fly them. Since its under warranty I will let the pro's do it, "I will never blow anything with my bad breath or compressed air again". Any other things that I should never do with a digital camera, I just feel stupid right now. This is my first camera since I can remember.
  3. The life expectancy of new digital camera is about 5 to 7 years depending on usage and handling. anything less are the cameras that's barely pass quality control

    Things I do for my Cameras: I use Ziplocs Bag when traveling especially at cold and humid places, or even just storing it away, I also use moisture absorbent (I use one from the vitamins bottles). Always bring clean dry cloth and at least 2 Q-tips or cotton swabs.

    Check these Products.
  4. The Ziplocs Bag idea is a really good one, I just bought the cleaner and micro fiber swab. Finger prints are always a problem with my camera and I haven't had it long. Thanks :) .
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