i need advise on this new computer im buying

hey i need help caz im buying this new computer and i need ur opinions if it is good or not

here are the specifications:

cpu: intel core 2 duo 3.6 ghz

ram: 2GB ddr2

hard disk: westren digital 360 GB

VGA: 512mb nvidia card

intel mother board 965


19 monitor flat LCD (LG)

i hope u help me!! :D
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  1. guyz plz i need help
  2. Which Nvidia card do you have? and what is the speed on the Hard Disk?
  3. Is this a prebuilt? I don't know where you are getting an intel processor that comes clocked at 3.6 ghz... Is it already overclocked for you before purchase? How much are you paying for it and, if you can find out, what is the speed of the RAM, exact brand and model number of your motherboard, and which series does your graphics card come from. If you are not paying more then seven or eight hundred though it look like a good rig and will perform well.
  4. It sounds a good comp. how much are paying for it
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