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Hi All

My X-Fi has version 2.18.015 and (trie beta), my remote and breakout box was working perfectly until installed the latest nvdia 301.42 drivers now my sound works 100% but the remote and the breakout box (amp) wont light up. Check my device manager it shows driver version and it says wdm creative x-fi. plus Nvidia High Definition is in device manager list 7-8 times (no conflicts)

any ideas? i have installed the most recent driver for my Windows 7 64bit from creative and nothing.

My card is powered and i have enable the entertainment center remote...any idea what happened?

thank you!
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  1. Did you update the nVidia drivers to try and fix a graphics problem or just because an update was available? If the latter, that's bad practice if the old driver was working okay.

    Go into Device Manager.
    Right-click the nVidia video device and choose "Properties".
    Under the "Driver" tab click "Roll back driver".
  2. Hi Phil

    Thanks but i always had that driver, it was just a repair i did, cause sometimes nvdia update icon failes, and only a re-install fixes it.

    But the sound works perfectly , i am starting to draw the conclusion that the breakout box may have gone, cause the earphone jack doesnt work either... :(
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