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I think it's that time for me to get a new mouse. I'm using this old Razer Viper that's barely still alive. Anyways, the specific mouse I'm looking at is the Logitech VX revolution. I can't find any reviews on it and I was wondering if it was a good mouse to use for my desktop, which I use primarily for gaming. Otherwise, I'm basically looking for a gaming mouse (preferably cordless) but so far the best deal I've found is the VX at 29.99. Does anyone think they have better options for me? Thanks
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  1. I've been looking around a little bit more and I found a mouse called A4Tech X-750F: http://www.directron.com/x750f2.html Anyone know anything about this mouse and if it's even worth considering?
  2. Would you not go for the new Razor ??
  3. They're pretty expensive, I wanted to see what my other options were.
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