**POLL** Cannon SD1100 IS (IXUS 80) or Sony W120

Hey guys i need a point and shhot camera to go along with my D40 im getting. Im just wondering what u think also the SD1100 IS is a IXUS 80 for u guys in Europe. Since both the cameras are around the same price range. (150- 200$)
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  1. wow everbody hates me. =(=( :(:( ;(;( -(-(
  2. Its just nobody visits these forums that much, for what its worth now the Canon Ixus 80 is a better camera.
  3. Here are some great sites for digital camera reviews and information.




    newegg.com has the Canon SD 1100 for about $155 last time I looked. Free shipping too I think.
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