Please some one educate me about soundcards

I thought soundcards were a waste of money, but I noticed that my Logitech Z-4 speakers had a slight static sound on some of the music I listen to (Drum n Bass, Trance, Classical). Especially during some of the higher pitch sounds. I played with my equalizer in my media player and through multi channel sound manager in Win XP. The only way that I think that I can solve this problem is maybe with a soundcard, but I don't know too much about them. I only use my computer for music and games. Please help.
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  1. what you've experience is distortion. Any audio device that has lower wattage with low THD - Total Harmonic Distortion to sound output is better than with high wattage with high THD.
  2. What someone answered me? Thank you, what kind of model do I need?
  3. It's all depend on how much are you willing to pay for a Sound Card. Any sound card is better than the onboard. But if you want to pay more than what you pay for your speaker then Creative has an edge. Their x-fi line-up.

    Still your speaker is limited to the power it has, 40 watts total means 23 w sub and 8 w on satellite so if you reach the speakers or amp limit then not much you can do. Having a good soundcard gives you better control of sound quality the speaker. You may also be suprise that your speaker produce better sound than when it has no add on card.
  4. While the consensus seems to be that Creative has a slight edge for gaming, for music and music cards based on the C-Media CMI8788 has an edge, especially with surround sound. All 3 of these cards would be worth looking at. Google reviews of any of these cards, some good ones out there that also discuss the C Media sound chip
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