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I've been having a tough time choosing between a dell inspiron 531s, or a hp pavilion s3200z slimline. I want to buy on of them, but i need help. I want to know which is a better deal, more worth it long term/short term, etc. And please, i do not want any other computer recommendations. I am going to use the computer for casual gaming, work, music, and to watch videos. And i need the slim, because i do not have much room.

My configurations are...

Dell insprion 531s

Amd Athlon 64 4000+ (2.1ghz)
64X CD-RW/DVD combo
512x2 (1gb) ddr memory
Vista home basic
Nvidia geforce 6150se (maybe planning to upgrade)
7.1 channel integrated audio.
56kpbs modem
Things to keep in mind: 90-day warranty,and Bad customer service support (from my experience).
All this for about $329 (sale price)

Hp pavilion s3200z slimline

Amd Athlon 64 4000+
Lightscribe 16X DVD/CD-RW
512x2 DDR memory
Vista home basic
Nvidia geforce 6150LE or Nvidia geforce 7500LE(for $20)
5.1 integrated audio
15 in 1 media card reader
Things to keep in mind: 1 year warranty, good cusomer/technical service (from my experience.), Comes with AOL junk...(hp slim is slimmer than dells)
All for about $459

I would really appreciate if i got a good answer, and please tell me if i made a mistake,or if there is better configuration options/upgrades i should do. Thank you :D

*Edit: Sorry, but the Dell computer is $329, but after janurary, the sale will end...
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  1. I'd go with the HP, has a DVD burner, about $30 more on the Dell. The HP has a smaller hard drive but they're cheap if you ever need more space. The Dell has 7.1 audio but if you're not planning on getting a 7.1 speaker system 96 speakers and a sub) it doesn't mattter Warranty is better. There will be no difference in performance between the 2
  2. For me, im not sure, because i don't really need things like dvd burner (i don't burn dvd's). I never had dell, but i have a compaq right now, so i can't really tell which is a better deal.
  3. Do you really want/need a DVD burner? If so, add it to the Dell if it's only $30. Has a bigger hard drive which should help. And it's alot cheaper. Just my .02
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