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I need an inkjet to print photos and some lengthy papers occasionally - but, it will be idle for weeks at a time - then I will use it a whole lot (maybe 100 pages or more). Then it will be idle again. Which inkjet is best that will NOT get plugged up during the down time (for ex. I can let my dot matrix or laser - both b/w - sit idle for months and they fire right up without a hitch). I don't want the hassle of having plugged up jets just when I need to use it, becuase, when it is time to use it, I will have a lot of printing to do for a short while - color would be nice and photos too. Is there any inkjet that can handle the down time? Also, I would probably use normal paper except for selected photos - then I might use the high quality for them only. What are your experiences? littleberry
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  1. I use HP printers with printhead in cartridge, so changing cartridge changed printhead.
    Also, if sitting a long time, I run hot tap water over printhead and a damp coffee filter to wipe off excess before replacing. Sometimes I shake cartridge is sink after rinsing print head to get the flow started again.
    So far for the past 12 years or so of doing this, I have always been able to run cartridges to the last drop...
    But your mileage may vary...

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  2. Get one of the new Canon Pixma printers. They almost never clog. Stay away from anything Epson for now and I don't see the convenience of having to change the ink cartridges every time you go to print (HP).
  3. I am using HP 930C in the truck on the go sometimes and it sits "idle" for over a month at a time in the cab in a summer heat. The thing that it never got clogged yet is beyond my mind (it was refilled as well).

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  4. I got the Cannon IP5000 on sale at Fry's (w/rebate) for $129 and it prints out good photos. It set up easily and so I am satisfied so far. Big Question: what software is BEST for printing several existing photos I have. They are in jpeg format, but, different programs print them out at different sizes (pbrush, picture publisher, thumbsPlus, IE 6.0, etc.). I found NO WAY to predict how large the photo will be, irregardless of what I find under "properties" from the different programs. Only when I converted it to BMP, and used thumbsplus to specify DPI, then could I actually get it to print out with a size (in inches) that accurately reflected the pixels within the BMP. Even then, Pbrush, ie6.0, and thumbsplus all print the exact same bmp file with wildly differing actual size in inches. What gives here? The details within the BMP spell out plainly what the resolution is (pixels), and the size (in inches), which matches the specified DPI (300), but only picture publisher will print it accurately. What software do most folks use to be able to predict accurately what actual size (in inches) their photos will be, and allows them to adjust that by altering the DPI (thereby not losing any actual pixel data present). Stumped here, littleberry
  5. To littleberry,

    The ip5000 is definitely a good photoprinter.

    In terms of photoprinting advice I would recomend you google STEVES DIGICAMS or google INKJET PRINTER FORUMS.

    The folks there are seriously into photoprinting using inkjets of a variety of makes.
  6. Imaging in win2k or picture/fax viewer in XP will do best.

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  7. As it turned out, the software that came on the CD works really well. I couldn't figure it out at first (didn't read the manual - bad dude here), but, after reading the manual a bit I see that they take away most of the controls and figure out how to make the jpg (or bmp) file you have fit on whatever paper you feed it. It looks really good. As a matter of comparison, I took a professional photo, sanned it, and then printed the scanned photo just using the "easyphoto" software that came with the CD, and, truly,
    I can't tell which is which just from looking at the photos. I don't have to worry about pixels or inches or anyhting, or even specify the paper size because the printer somehow knows what size is loaded and the s/w seems to know also. I guess I am just too old and used to having to manipulate so many details for myself. This is really a good printer/software package - so, go for it if you want to make pro-looking photos at home. littleberry
  8. Glad you're enjoying it. The packaged Canon software is typically pretty good. You'll be pretty happy with it.
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