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HD Won't Stop Spinning

Last response: in Storage
December 23, 2004 2:11:03 PM

Just wondering what troubleshooters / ways to fix this problem are out there.

On the desktop this is happening on, it won't stop spinningand doing naythign takes 15 mins minimum.

More about : stop spinning

December 23, 2004 5:55:04 PM

HD Won't Stop Spinning

Isn't it supposed to do that?

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December 24, 2004 11:15:23 PM

If your computer is on the drive will not stop spinning, unless you have told it to do so in the power settings. If it takes 15min to stop spinning you likely have the power profile set to shut off the hd after 15min.

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February 18, 2005 12:35:15 PM

Probably best to leave it as it is - you could change the power settings to have the disk stop spinning earlier, but this will probably put a lot more strain on the hard disk (generally there's much less mechanical strain leaving something running than starting / stopping it).
If noise is a problem you could try mounting the drive using rubber grommets - often the noise is made worse by vibrations from the drive being transferred to the case.
February 18, 2005 1:52:23 PM


Read the friggin FAQ, and use the search button or I'll kick yer face in!
February 18, 2005 1:52:33 PM


Read the friggin FAQ, and use the search button or I'll kick yer face in!
February 18, 2005 1:52:50 PM


Read the friggin FAQ, and use the search button or I'll kick yer face in!
August 12, 2009 1:26:09 AM

What Mr. Flanders is trying to portray is the fact that ALL of the responses to this problem so far has been by people who are clueless and should just STFU.All of those responses are WRONG! This problem is caused by malware and a solution is still being worked on by the experts( I am having the same problem,and that's why I found this thread).The problem has to do with the browser cache and malware replication.I will bookmark this page and come back if I find a solution.
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August 12, 2009 8:53:47 PM

Not true at all. First of all, you should know that you are responding to a thread that is 4.5 years old. Second, my hard drives don't stop spinning either. Why? Because that's how I set them in the power settings. While the computer is on, they won't stop spinning because of my settings. As for browser cache and malware replication? What are you smoking? It must be good...
a c 342 G Storage
August 13, 2009 7:49:48 PM

I think the confusion is in OP's title, "won't stop spinning". Does that mean the drive actually is spinning all the time, which is normal? Or did OP mean that the Disk Activity light on the case front panel is always on. The latter meaning would indicate constant disk access leading to slow disk access and suspicion of malware activity.
a b G Storage
August 13, 2009 8:39:43 PM

Very true. Constant disk access would be indicative of a problem (unless it is on a brand new install of Windows, in which case it is normal for the first couple days).