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Are gateway laptops a good buy? I'm looking to buy a laptop for college, I've heard dell laptops are the worst and HP are pretty good. However, the gateway laptop I found is an excellent deal. I just don't want to have the laptop broken in a year. I will be using the laptop for school, gaming, and other multimedia purposes so I'd say the laptop needs to be pretty reliable.

Here is the specific laptop I am talking about -

All responses are appreciated.
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  1. IMO gateways are generally built pretty cheaply, so their cases break. Dells are built the strongest of the mainstream manufacturers.

    That notebook is alright for $500, but it won't really be able to game that well. You'll have to push medium settings out of it. But, you can't get much for $500.

    As for it being get what you pay for.
  2. Well, the only game I would play is counter-strike 1.6 and thats a very old game. I also plan to watch movies/videos and occasionally do video/graphic work. However, it will primarily be for counter-strike 1.6 and just school work. I did research and heard that pretty much any new laptop will run 1.6 do you know anything about that?

    I also heard alot of bad stuff about dell. After 4 years my sister's dell started over heating and the hard drive crashed. She eventually got a new laptop a few weeks later before her school started and the laptop crashed within the first week of owning it.

    What do you think about the intel media accelerator 4500?
  3. The HD2600 in the gateway will do fine for CS 1.6. An Intel 4500 will not.

    As for the Dell thing - you heard some bad things about one Dell. That doesn't make them all bad. Everything breaks given time. Everything.
  4. Would you say a certain manufacturer is more prone to having problems than another?
  5. Not really. In my experience, if I counted up all the problems on notebooks I've had to fix sorted by manufacturer, I think the number of problems would be pretty even across the board.
  6. Ok, I think I'll go with that gateway then or HP. I'm leaning towards the gateway since it is in my price range and has everything I need.
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