I want to learn, but need a starting point.

Don't know where to post this thread, so i used my best judgment and tried it here. If a admin want to move the post feel free.

Ok getting to the point. I want to learn more about computers, a lot more. I worked at a lan center for about 2 years doing minor repairs on simple comps ( just cleaning out porn viruses and installing drivers etc ). I know the basics but i want the advanced and i don't know where to go to find a guide or some sort of knowledge database. Planning to go to college but don't know what i am field i am going into, but i know its gonna be dealing with computers possibly programming. But i know nothing about programming and i want to learn.

Any help to any site where i can start to learn will be very helpful. Tomshardware has help me many time in making/fixing computers and i want to give back to the community.

I think that is all and thanks for any help.
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  1. hello there
    I am also new and would like to learn more
    here is a site that is helping me a lot.

    please tell me if you find any other sites or books that you find helpful
    Since we are both noobs we should help each other
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