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Hello,I unstalled my AMD filter usb driver, rebooted and now none of my usb work..I can't log into the computer via usb reason being when i boot up to the login screen i can't type or use my mouse cause the driver for the usb' have been unstalled. i can use them in bios. When it boots to the login screen i can't use anything iv tried plugging in all of the usb's but it doesn't work. Any advice would be appreciated thank you.
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  1. Hi :)

    SAFE MODE...if mouse still doesnt work...use keyboard to get to device manager and tell it to FIND NEW HARDWARE... it will install the usb drivers automatically...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. If u still had mobo chipset driver or u had dl it from amd web... u can reinstall those usb driver... (using keyboard)
  3. It will boot up in safe mode but once it gets to the login screen it still won't let me use mouse or keyboard. I think ill end up buying a ps/2 adapter to see if i can get around doing it that way .. seeing how usb isn't working anyway thank u for at least trying to help.
  4. try using system restore? in win7 system restore is automatically on..

    Maybe there a restore point before the driver uninstalled..
  5. i disable restore points. but thank you anyway. :)
  6. I went and bought a ps/2 mouse got everything working again.
  7. U can download the amd usb drive at amd website under chipset driver...
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