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using Kodak easyshare Z1285 which came with update software V7. Now am unable to burn slideshows to use on my DVD player. Prior to that software release I was easily able to make the transfer.

I use a USB cable to make transfers into the software.

What happened

What are my alternatives.

Kodak website says Sonic MyDVD will work...ugh the program is no longer available but for 70 dollars there is a program......I have tried go the pictures do not show on the DVD player.....

I really apprciate any help you can give me. I take the DVD player to a nursing home to share pics with the residents and they look forward to it.
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  1. You can try Nero.

    Most CD/DVD/Bluray Writer comes with NERO software called Nero Essentials with OEM key/serial that includes the photo editing and transferring to CD or DVD.

    Also check the CD's that comes with your computer when purchased because it might have that software. They usually do.
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