replace laptop 5400RPM with 7200RPM?

i recently bought an IBM T41 laptop... part number 23737JU. it comes with a 5400RPM drive installed in it, standard size i'd assume. i was wondering if i could replace it with a 7200RPM drive, for the speed/size increase. are laptop hard drives pretty much standard or would my T41 not be compatible with a standard notebook hard drive like this:

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  1. I've seen laptop drives between 9mm and 18mm thick. I believe most are now 10mm thick. Thicker drives allow more platters and higher capacity. Of course if all you can find is 10mm thick drives, that's what you're stuck with. Otherwise, you could find out if your lappy supports thicker drives by pulling the old one, I've seen some laptops use spacers to fit a thinner drive into a taller space.

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  2. Your battery life will likely take a hit if you put a 7200rpm drive in your laptop. If that is no concern then it should work fine. The T41 has a simmilar case to the T42 (which I have) and it allows for plenty of space on either side for larger drives.

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