Laptop Toshiba A135-S4467 can't reload Vista !!!

I have a Toshiba Laptop A135-S4467 need help to reload Vista OS.
Background: 1) backup CD/DVD and drivers have lost 2) Bios V1.10 3) Hard Disk MK6032GSX (60GB, SATA) 4) System has no Floppy Drive
Problem: 1) I used a HP CD/DVD Vista to reload A135-S4467, system are keep spins on CD/DVD drive forever. 2) I removed MK6032GSX hard drive and plug in a Desk top with HP above Vista OS. New system booted w/ Vista OS via CD/DVD Drive. However, OS Vista can't find the hard drive MK6032GSX .
3) to verify the MK6032GSx is OK. I have added this hard drive to a system which have XP running. The XP see the 2nd hard drive, MK6032GSX. I do a low level format, format this hard drive (mk6032GSX). XP showed this 2nd hard drive is "healthy" . However, when I move back to A135-S4467 w/ A HP Vista OS system. Vista can't see the this hard disk ( MK6032GSX) .
Question: 1) Is this hard disk MK6032GSx is bad ??? 2) Given the A135-S4467 has a bad Cd/DVD drive. What are the options to load Vista OS ? 3) Can I used another hardware platform to load Vista to a hard disk, then move this hard back to A135-S4467. Does this way work ?
4) Anymore way to load Vista OS to A135-S4467 which has no other i/O interfaces, excepted USB and SD flash card !!!
Please help !!!
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  1. It's possible that you're not properly connecting the hard disk to your vista system, or the cables you use to connect the HD to vista system are faulty. In any case, have you tried connecting another hard disk to your vista system?
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