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I inherited a gaming computer with a dual 74G set up as RAID boot? I also has a 1TB hdd. My computers are XP, and I have many file etc that I need access to, but wanted to use the more pwerful new computer. I installed my XP hdd w/xp into the new computer and tried to boot with the new hard disc as boot up. The computer failed on startup. I can not load XP nor can I start Win 7. I took out the new hdd and tried starting w/win 7 disc. I go into a continuous loop of repair menu. Is this a bios problem now? Any help out there+
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  1. You can't just take a system drive out of one computer and swap it into another. As you've found out it doesn't work without doing a repair installation of the OS. If you have files you need to access then put the drive in an enclosure and attach it as an external.
  2. I got that. BUT, what can I do now?
  3. I've already told you what you need to do.
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