New pakard bell, blue screen crash ''crash dump''

hey guys, i've got a strange problem on my new pc.
it crashes a couple of times. i get a blue screen and on the bottom of that screen there is something about crash dump and something with the drive. and it is counting up.

vista gives me some info about Bcp1 8000980F, and BCP2 0000000, Bcp3: 81e2b03c

and some programs who can help me with the problem minidump and sysdate. don't know what it is, but they sometimes appear on my taskmanagement, or how do you call it in english.

is there someone who can help me with this strange problem? i bought it yesterday.
specs that i know; Q6600 2.4 ghz, 2gb ddr2, 500 GB hdd, and a geforce 8300GS
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  1. Try a clean install of the OS or restore disk that came with the machine. If that doesn't fix it and it's new, I'd return it and let them deal with it. In fact, I'd tell them I wanted a new machine. One of the thing you pay for when you buy a machine is that it will work. Mayby the only advantage of building over buying. If a new machine is not working, it's someone else's problem

    that's what it sais, maybe a ram problem?

    like everybody knows, cheap ram
    question, can i put 3gb (1x 1gb an d1 x 2GB) on mobo with quadcpu?
    or is it like dualcore and have to use it in pairs
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