Should I upgrade the CPU (socket 478) on my old Dell Dimension 4600?

I have a small dilemma here.
I'm building a new gaming PC later this month but my Dimension 4600 still have some good use for my brother.
So, I'm wondering if I should upgrade or leave it like that.
My processor is somewhat a bottleneck to the whole system when I play games at higher settings.

Dell Dimension 4600 (socket 478 motherboard)
P4 2.66ghz
2GB ram
BFG GeForce 7800 GS OC (AGP version)

Would it be wise to upgrade the processor to a 3.0 or 3.4ghz? I heard problems with 3.4 ghz I'm not sure.
Can I even change the motherboard and go AMD?
I'm not sure anymore.
I need some advices here. Thanks
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  1. I wouldn't recommend anything other than upgrading the video card and I wouldn't go crazy because it won't be able to use it in a new build. That mobo/CPU is last generation and in a year give or take it'll be 2 generations old. If you're looking at a new mobo, you're looking at a new computer, mobo, CPU, RAM, PSU (Dell's aren't that good and it's likely weak around 350w), new GPU, and likely a new case if the PSU isn't standard size.
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