Help with audio - Audigy 2 & 5.1 setup

I have an Audidgy 2 ZS and Logitech Z-680 5.1 surround sound speakers.

I am not sure if this is a problem or not... but hopefully someone can help me out. Music and wav files and what not all run fine, games run fine and the surround sound seems to being working properly (audio from all speakers). But playing DVD movies in WinDVD 6, the rear speakers don't work. So I tried Media Player 9, now they do work, but I'm not sure if it is proper 5.1, I don't really notice it. Also, the biggest thing is, every time the sound is supposed to get loud, like a guy crashing through a window, gun shots, punches, someone yelling, its like everything gets quieter and the volume 'normalizes'... that only happens in DVD playback. I check the media player settings and the quiet mode is off; is there a setting in the Creative panel somewhere? Or anywhere...?

Also, I never checked this, but I just wanted to confirm I am actually running 5.1 & EAX properly. Do I need to do anything to enable it, besides testing that audio comes through all the speakers and EAX & 5.1 is enabled in the game menu settings? Some games it doesnt seem like it is running 5.1 even though it is supposedly on.

Thank you!

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  1. hmmm
    Well since you have the 6800's go run out and get yourself a digital cable
    Its a totaly different experience in movies
    in eax turn on the 3 option in cmss 3d
    make sure effects kareoke audio cleanup is all turned off
    start>>>setttings>>>control pannel>>>audihq>>>device controls>>>>sampling rate>>>96
    second in the speakers module make sure the sorround is turned up all the way to the top (thats your rear speaker issue) and make sure your hooked up as 6 chanel audi in the module too
    That should fix it!

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  2. Have you set the speaker type in WinDVD? There's an audio options panel in that program too.

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  3. limited versions of WinDVD 6 that come with many computers only use Dolby Surround (like Pro Logic II, where surround sound is only simulated). for me, Media Player 9 uses the WinDVD Codec, so it's similarly limited to Dolby Surround, which does use all channels (although not true 5.1), to my knowledge.

    but if you have the paid version of WinDVD6, it should support Dolby Digital. it could just be a set up problem.
  4. i j had those speakers before
    If you dont turn on the soround sound (on the speakers) all the way up the rear is gonna be quieter
    Had the same problem

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