any players with no 2.5"?

:hello: Where can I find a drive-less player so I can just buy the 2.5" drive separate to fit my size needs. I find it silly to afford a player that costs much with a hard drive already included and have to buy an upgrade(which won't happen). :sleep:
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  1. I really don't think this is an option. Also I might add that you will be hard pressed to find a player that has a 2.5 inch... they will most likely be 1.8. Your only real option unless you find some uk site that sell stuff like that would be to scower ebay for a player with a bad hard disk.
  2. look at this mp4 player ----3" TFT Screen 1GB,
    # Support Mini SD card to extend your memory capacity (card not included)
    # Support multiple music formats: MP3,WMA,APE,FLAC audio format

    see if u like, also u can find some more players at
  3. I think hes looking for a higher compacity. Also that site looks like a load of knockoffs. With mp3/mp4 players generic is BAD. I don't mean buy an ipod, but make sure there is a brand name with it. If not then most likely there will be no support and no warrenty
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