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Hey guys,

At work we just have a little dell Vostro 200 to run a cd/dvd labeling program. Well the other day i get a pop up that says windows might have a virus, run this program to check. Well we all knows thats BS so i hit X and it started to run the program anyway. I stopped the program and after i did, it installed two icons on my desktop one saying windows update. Well again, total BS so i delete them but they pop right back up. When i restarted the computer it said the registry was changed so i was just like f this i am reformatting.

When i tried to reformat the hard drive it just sits at a black screen after you press "any key to boot from cd". I put the hard drive into another computer and it did the same thing. Dell says the hard drive is not being detected by the motherboard but when i go into bios, its all right there. We have only had the computer like a month.. and the hard drive is Western Digital which have always been awesome to me. Any ideas?
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  1. Try running the WD diagnostic/repair software from their web site. Also, run an antivirus scan off a floppy or CD. If it's a new Dell, tell them to fix it.
  2. well they sent a new hard drive but it seems weird it would go out like that.
  3. slidai said:
    well they sent a new hard drive but it seems weird it would go out like that.

    Did the new drive fix it? Keep in mind, no matter how good the mfg, they can all put out a bad piece or a batch of them. I'm sure even Honda puts out a lemon now and then
  4. Firmware virus. Yay.
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