My 9800Pro died :'-( I need a new one... Which?

Hello Im here asking again, "which should I buy" ? I have a dilemma here. I have a RADEON 9800 Pro (128mb), its flashed 9800XT... That card was working fine, I bought it like 8 months ago, IT DIED a few days ago! :'( RIP!!! Ok, now im looking for a new AGP video card... Which should I buy? Does the Sapphire Radeon X800SE Video Card is a good choice? 309.99 is the price... I dont want to buy anything that exceeds $350.00... I really need counseling here... Thank you and have a nice day...
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  1. The x800SE is a PCI-Express card, and the 9800 PRO is a AGP card, if you want an ATI, you'd need another motherboard.

    I'm curious about your Radeon 9800 PRO, I was about to buy one and do the flash myself. DO you have any idea what happened? Do you think it overheated? Whats wrong with it/how do you know it is dead?
  2. On newegg says that the x800SE is a AGP video card... well, that one... check it out... whatcha think?
  3. dont you have a 3 year warranty????
    Also i'm not sure but i dont think a x800se will be mutch faster unless u flash it to a pro or xt that is

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  4. It has 3 years warranty, but, I overclocked that video card... so, no warranty... :S
  5. Ohh i guess you cant flash a card if its dead to the old pro
    Sorry to hear that
    But actually us still might be able to flash it bach
    not sure though
    use a pci videocard

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  6. He's right, if you just got a bad flash, or if you did damage to part of the R360 core (if it is an R360) that isn't necessary for the R350 to run, I'd flash it back and return it. Did you modify the heat sink or anything on the card?
  7. The manufacturer cant check if its dead because of overclocking
    Just put the original heatsink on and they should accept it anyway

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  8. They are just a commodity, and if externally looks original, then that is as far as they will inspect...
    Worth a shot.

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  9. Yeah, figure its not worth anything dead, so you might as well send it back.
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