video ipod sound problems and others

ok ive had my ipod for about a year now
i put it on my counter and left it there for a couple days and when i went and started playing it the right ear bud wouldn't work

first i thought it might have been the head phones
i plugged in another pair and i had the same problem
i try ed both in my stereo and they worked fine

i noticed that the the hole thing were the head phones go into was lose
now im not sure if that is the problem or what i should do
can someone please help

and if that is the problem how much would it cost to have it repaired and how much do u think i could sell it for even with the problem?
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  1. It is most probable that your headphone jack in your iPod is broke. It happens to many people. I suggest contacting their tech support or customer service for repair options and cost summary.

    And, no, I don't think you should try to sell it with a faulty jack receiver. That would be deceptive.
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