Security Updates FAIL, Reattempt at every boot but always FAIL

Not sure what's going on here. Since early August all my Security updates have been failing. It adds time to each boot up period as it goes through the updates and then at the end will say it's failed and is reverting all the changes. I have already done some research on this issue and ran "sfc/scannow" as well as "chkdsk/f/r." Both seemed to go through with no problems. After that I did a Windows update and 12 updates seemed to go through with no problem until the required reboot where we're back to the same issue of failing and reverting. What can I do to correct this annoying issue and please be specific in the steps required to correct. Thanks! :hello:
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  1. What is the specific error code?
  2. is it all updates or just specific like .net or ie, etc.... ?

    for .net u could try .net 4.5 using mannual download from the web....

    (i had some problems with 4.0 update cannot be installed)
  3. Here's a screenshot of the errors I'm getting:

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    You still haven't provided the specific error code. Without that we're only guessing.

    Run an update manually and record the error that is displayed.
  5. Also u will need good internet connection, some times unstable connection can hinders the connection to the microsoft server.
  6. My internet connection is good (I have a Docsys 3 modem too). Average speedtest will be around 15 Mbps. Regarding the error code where would I see that? When I am booting up that's when Windows tries to do the updates. It only reaches about 15% complete before saying it encountered an error and is reverting the changes. I'll look again but I'm pretty certain it doesn't say anything like "Error XJH...."
  7. Reread what I posted. Run a MANUAL update and record any errors that occur. Without the specific error code there's no way anyone can give an educated answer.
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  9. Sorry I must have overlooked that in your post. I went in and did updates manually installing most updates one at a time. That seemed to work. Maybe there was some weird Windows conflict with the various updates? Regardless things look better now so thanks for your help.
  10. Hi having the same problem

    here is the error Code 80073712

    pls help
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