Eye Strain from 42" LG 42LB5D HDTV

I just purchased a 42" LG 42LB5D LCD HDTV before having it I was gaming on a 20 inch TV VCR combo. I love the way the new TV Looks but I have been getting terrible Eye Strain. I am usually 9-10 feet away from it. It now carries over to my work in that I now have more Eye strain from my LCD monitor at work then I did before getting the new TV. I have configured the contrast and other settings according to the THX calibrator on Monsters Inc. thinking that it would help but its not helping. I have also heard I may need to get used to it but its been about a week and it hasnt improved. Any Ideas?

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  1. Try sitting farther back? Yeah, the answer is that simple.
  2. ummm he said he sits 9-10 feet away...and your telling to sit further back? You want him to watch tv from his backyard or what? My guess would be you just have to get use to it.
  3. Try turning the brightness down. Some LCD/Plasma TV's can cause eye stain to some due to their brightness.
  4. KingLoftusXII is right. You need to adjust the brightness or/and decrease the vibrant.
  5. The ever widening use of computers led to a marked increase in the reported cases of eyestrain. Still, too few computer users can identify the early symptoms of eyestrain. They stare daily at a lighted monitor, never noticing that their eyes have come under strain.
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