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I must be losing it...Does the postion on the IDE cable that a device is attached to determine whether it is master or slave...(I realize that jumpers need to be set). From my manuals, the Master is the end connector , while the middle connector on the cable is the Slave. If this is true, then extra long cables are needed (I have an Antec AMG1080 case). Am trying to make HDD Primary Master, and CD-Rom Primary Slave, (DVD-writer secondary master)but cables aren't long enough. Not sure if my manuals are wrong or cables too short. Would believe many would have same trouble and cable makers fix their weakness.
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  1. first I would put your HDD primary master and your CDROM as secondary slave. Your DVD writer as secondary master. And, as far as you set the jumper for master slave, it doesnt matter which end you'll use. This is if you select "cable select" with jumpers that cable ends matter.

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  2. If you search hard enough you can find cable makers that list the location of the plugs on the cable. Not all cables are configured with the same distance between the primary and secondary plugs. Generally, most of those with the increased distance are going to be the round style.

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  3. So if I understand Pat correctly:
    If I use jumpers to set Master, Slave then the actual IDE connectors used don't matter. If I use Cable Select, then IDE connectors matter. Is that correct? Also my manuals suggest HDD as Primary Master with CD-Rom as Primary Slave. My DVD writer would then be alone as Secondary Master. Is that right?
  4. yes...everything is right.

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  5. I know your manual suggests the HDD as Master and the CD-Rom as Slave on the same IDE cable. I strongly recommend you put that CD-Rom as Slave on the cable with your DVD writer. If you use that CD-Rom while on the same cable as the HDD, you can easily slow that HDD down to a crawl. As I understand it, the slowest drive on a cable dictates the speed of all on the cable.


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  6. not true anymore...by doing so, you may have problems when doing disk to disk copy.

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