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Well I currently own a Samsun 41" LCD 720p HDTV...I bought the insurance where if I brake it, damage it, or defective it'll get fixed and if its unable to get fixed they'll just give me credit into a new TV (note i bought tv for $3,000) and if i choose a more expensive tv than the one I have...than ill just have to pay the difference. Now to my question...If I take my tv back because the speakers are blown...what HDTV either LCD or plasma which ever is best would you guys recommend? I already called the store I bought it from and they dont and can't even get a hold of the speakers thats on my tv (gave them the tv model also)

Here's the spec for an LG HDTV...

LG's Full HD (1080p) PG60 plasma series delivers a high-quality home entertainment experience in 50- and 60-inch (shown here) screen sizes. The HDTVs have a 30,000:1 contrast ratio, a panel that the company says is rated for approximately 30 years, and four HDMI 1.3 inputs, as well as Deep Color, USB 2.0, and A/V inputs.

Any of those option available in a 41"-50" ?

I want to buy the Blu-Ray player and want to take a full advantage of it. Yes I know 1080p is the best but my tv has this option where...if certain channels are not Widescreen my tv automatically changes to normal fit screen and it doesnt stay in widescreen mode. I love! that feature. A 41" or bigger would be best since I love to watch my Lakers in HD =) ok enough talking and now start posting people...

Thank you in advance.
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  1. anybody?
  2. so noobody is willing to help answer this question?
  3. If you're into sports, watch the LCD with some fast motion stuff on it before you buy to make sure you won't get any motion blur. Plasma generally has better colors and better blacks than LCD but LG usually is mid-pack at best in Consumer Reports ratings. View the TV's you're considering before buying and choose which one you prefer.
  4. I'm actually really into sports...Im not really going to connect my computer to my TV...I like to watch all my basketball and football games in HD. About the thing that my tv has...while in HD it goes widscreen and while on regular digital it goes back into regular fit...it does not look stretched out. I hate that look and I noticed some TV's dont have that option. That is the most annoying thing when it looks like there faces are stretched out. I dont mind having two black empty spaces on the left & fright...as long as the program I'm watching looks clean and normal...not all stretched like some other TV's do. What TV would have this option where it goes to widescreen and than back to regular fit. Sorry If im not making sense since I really don't know much about HDTV.
  5. All 16:9 TV's (widescreen) have that option. You've obviously left it in default mode. LCD can, not always but sometimes, have an issue with fast motion and cause a blur. Plasma and DLP do not. For that reason I went with DLP on my projector. On a 110" screen you tend to notice the blur a bit...lol.
  6. Hmmm my parents HDTV "41 inch plasma doesn't have that option, where if a channel is not HD it still stays widescreen which is annoying. About your motion blur...yea i bet 110" will blur...lol....and DAMN 110"????!?!?! You be ballin in with that size...lol

    What brand would you recommend. I prefer something real thin. either LCD or Plasma.
  7. For plasma I'd recommend Panasonic or if you can swing it, a Pioneer Elite, for LCD Sony or Toshiba. View each first. Some prefer the "warmth" of a Sony where as I prefer the "coolness" of a Toshiba.
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