Hi everyone,
I have one of the early JVC everio hard drive cameras; the GZ-MC200. it has a removable miniature hard drive of only 4GB. thank god it has a SD slot that can step in if the hard drive is full. I use it more for Video than for actual still pictures. the problem is that when i bought it SDHC where not spread yet. And I have noticed that the camera is not compatible with SDHC. So i would like to know if there are any SD memory cards above 2gb that are not SDHC.
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  1. The capacity of standard SD cards only goes up to 2Gb. Larger cards may be available, but they're outwith the specification.

    The good news is that the GZ-MC200 can use Microdrive/CF cards larger than 4Gb: I'm using an 8Gb Seagate Microdrive and a 16Gb Transcend CompactFlash (x133) without any problems.
  2. Your options are:

    1. Bigger micro drive / cf card

    2. Get an SD to CF adapter (amazon dot com) this will enable you to use SDHC cards in your CF II slot. I have a MC200 aswell and I just went through this. Currently running a kingston 16 GB SDHC card, works perfectly. Note that camera run time is atleast 10 mins longer with SD or CF vs microdrive from my experience.
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