Trouble with component AV cable

Hi folks,

I recently bought a component AV cable for the wii/ps2/xbox 360. It works fine, but whenever any of the systems is turned on I see faint horizontal lines slowly moving up the screen. They are very faint and barely noticable most of the time, but when I do notice them it's REALLY annoying.

Does anyone know what causes this? If the problem is the cable itself I could go back and exchange it, but if it's something else I would of course rather not go through all that hassle and just fix the problem.

Thanks everyone =)
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  1. The AV switcher you bought is maybe an inexpensive unit and may not design to eliminate interference properly. It's hard to find one that does better job in less than $100. The problem is with the ground.

    If you use anything else other than composite then get a Receiver/Amplifier for $250 and it's a money well spent.

    One thing is to try turning the power of the unit not being used and start unplugging each unit to find out which unit causing the interference.
  2. Thanks for the help =)

    I recently bought a new computer monitor that I have my xbox hooked up to now, and the problem seems to have gone away. That's good info though about the Reciever/Amplifier and I'll definitely be considering that at some point in the future.

    Thanks again
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