Can cable TV/Internet splitter affect signal "upstream"?

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I recently split a cable that had been coming to my modem. Now that cable goes to the modem and a dual TV tuner in a computer. But now
I feel that my picture on another computer with a dual TV tuner is degraded. But this comes off a different cable that is split near where the cable comes to the house from outside, so well before the new split.

Does that degrade signal on the other computer make sense. And, if so, would a bidirectional amplifier placed where the new splitter is inserted help upstream and downstream? Finally, is it better to put an amplifier prior to all splits where all cables come together? (I could use with some recos on amplifiers if that is the case>)

Thanks for any help!

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  1. Anywhere you place a split reduces the total signal strength. Install a bidirectional amp prior to any splits and use wide bandwidth (3ghz) splitters.
    I would ask your cable co which they supply and get it from them if the price is fair. That way if you have a problem they can't blame you.
  2. Thanks. I'll start by calling them. Good advice.
  3. It is necessary to think about installing a TV antenna so that you never get poor signal while watching your favourite shows in television.
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