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Anyone now how to crack open an r60? fan has failed, not even quivering or doing out with a push start.

I've managed to get all the cables disconnected (all bar 1 in the middle at the back). I'm struggling with the back right hinge. I've definately removed all the relevant screws and have tried to get the case over any retaining clips but yet to no avail, due to location I dont want to get too carried away with brute strength

please note this is not a thinkpad. they are completely different. the only posts i've found have the 2 confused.

ideally if anyone knows where there's an elusive samasung service manual, then a link would be most appreciated!

thanks in advance
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  1. I know this thread is old but i had this problem recently too.
    There's one last screw under the hinge cover above the keyboard to the right
    You have to pry the hinge cover off to get to the screw. It goes across the laptop, has the speaker holes and power buttons on it.
    Remove the screw and VOILA!

    27 screws all in a nice tidy pile :/
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