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I am an 3Danimator and I'm looking for optimal pc

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September 22, 2008 12:24:25 PM

Hello :hello:  , the following specification is a specification to a computer that I thought would fit my needs. I am an animator and I am using a Maya2008 and after effects. I am rendering layers, dynamics etc. and everything in high quality.
I will appreciate it if you could kindly tell me if this specification will fit my needs as I described them.
My main indecision is concerning the Xeon processors (that I will write in details bellow): Will their time clock work be optimal or there won't be a use of all the processes at once? would it work as expected with Maya?

Processor: 2 Processors -- Intel Xeon Quad Core X5462 12MB L2 2.8 GHz
Cooling Processor

(Chipsets)5400 -- Intel motherboard -- based on chips alignment

Memory -- 4GB DDR2 Quad Channel FB-DIMM 800MHz

Is it possible to give more memory?

nVIDIA Qudro FX-3500 256-MB 256-Bit display card –


PNY Quadro FX 570 256MB DDR2‏

One hare disk-- system -- SATA-II 160GB 7200-RPM 8-MB Buffer

Hared disk -- 2 hare disk uniqueness of 2, 3
(media - SATA-II 320GB 7200-RPM 16-MB Buffer : (RAID-

DVD -/+ RW x 18+ Dual layer Support- burner --

Case -- Rack Mount 4U+ dust filter & web thickness of 0.8 or more+ EMI protection and cooler

power supply -- DV (fire wire)
Note: over than 580W= wattage [/#2a00d4]

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September 25, 2008 6:09:14 AM

If you are not going to use more than 160GB hdd i would recomend a 10k or 15k rpm disk instead of 7200. Makes a lot of differens when you are working with textures and big scenes.

If you are using windows vista x64 i would also add more memory. Here at Ikea Digital Studios we use 8core processors with 8 gb ddr2 memory and even that is sometimes not enough.

And btw it is "hard disk" note hare disk.. Hare is an animal!