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Now I take online FPS games as seriously as the next guy, but are gaming mice really...useful?
Take Razer for example. They have mice that reach up to the $70s zone. Now, considering I can get a sound card for this price, this leaves much to think about. Right now all I have is a Dell optical mouse w/ a scroll wheel and get along fine. But will 70$ improve the sensitivity and control over my optical mouse by an amazing margin in FPS terms?
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  1. no- spend it on something else
  2. I got a Logitech MX518 and I like the ability to fiddle with the sensitivity on the fly. Is it absolutely necessary? no, but it is nice. My only complaint is that after 1.5 years the right click button is starting to stick. I'm looking at the Razer Diamondback which circuit city has for sale for 45 bucks. I thought about trying the Logitech MX Revolution, but 100 bucks is going a little too far.
  3. Seems daft spending that much on a razor when you can get an mx518 and a decent surface cheaper. My mx518 works great with an S&S Steel pad, i wouldnt have botherd with the pad if it hadnt come free with my mx510 but ive found it really has made a difference.
  4. The cheapest I've found the MX518 is $40 on Only $5 more isn't that bad and I'm not sure I want another one, knowing this one is dying. I can't see spending more than $50 on a mouse though unless it was a keyboard combo.
  5. £50 for a mouse (here in UK), the Razor Copperhead is pretty great. The movement is smooth and I can adjust it to just how I like it. Most of the times, whatever game I play I just go up or down one level of sensitivity on my mouse, by pressing a button on the side, and not have to fiddle with the bar in the settings of the game. On the other hand, you can't really do an on the fly sensitivity change, because the right side buttons are too damn awkward. At the end of the day, is it really worth its price? For most people, probably not. But when you consider that it may well last longer (or at least as long) as a lot of stuff in my PC case...Why not? And I still love it.

    lostandwandering said:
    I thought about trying the Logitech MX Revolution, but 100 bucks is going a little too far.

    I tried it out (paid £80, yup, that's around $160 now-a-days) for it. I can tell you that this is *not* a gaming mouse. It is heavy; within a week of using it I felt like I was getting a carpal tunnel. Not that I was, but my wrist hurt like hell. I did enjoy the wheel that you can flip and it keeps scrolling. However, I exchanged the first mouse because the wheel got dodgy. Then got a refund on the second one because the wheel happened again and my wrist felt like it was going to fall off.
  6. well i believe razor mice are the best gaming mice out,
    they so far have the best laser (3g infrared laser) for gaming
    and the best drivers. on fly sensitivity where you can change sensitivity of the mouse in game
  7. deahadder or lachesis for the win
  8. I can only speak for Copperhead and Deathadder. as I own those mice.
    back in the days I used 20€ mice liked them and all that. But I do think that these Razer mice are worth the extra cash.
    the mousepad isn't really that important (depends on your table), and I don't really care about on the fly sensitivity settings. BUT what makes these mice worth the cash imo is the speed they fly around your screen with. That said I run both mice at max settings (my bro uses the other one) thay are around 3-8x faster (just a made up number, but it at least feels like that is the case). took me around 1 day to get used to the speed, and now I dont miss the buttons anymore.
    as for the software speed settings, i tend to put them low (I still am alot faster than with a low grade mouse with full software boost) and thus have pixel perfect accuracy.

    I would buy a new deathadder if this one broke down right now, or maybe an lachesis. I like the deathadders shape tho, fits my hand, while the copperhead took a while getting used to and still felt just a little bit awkward. Some people are drawn to the wireless logitech gaming mice, but I somehow feel like a wire feels right (no battery problems) .

    a soundcard is cool too, but somehow I think you should buy a really high grade one for it to be worth it, i myself bought a x-fi gamer.

    as on the FPS-front, in TeamFortress2 i am able to track a scout with heavy even at somewhat closer distances (I lose him when he jumps over me tho), I have never felt a need to slow down the sniping speed tho, maybe I just have a steadier hand than most people :S
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