P8600 vs GT 130M - Which is Better?

I'm about to buy a laptop, both with nearly identical specifications. The only difference is one has a T6500, ddr3, and gt 130M. The other one also has a p8600 with a 9600 gs and drr2. I will be doing the usual web browsing, music, and moderate gaming. I was wondering which setup would be best for me. --Also, the one with the GT I30M has a LED LCD backlight. Are those nice? Thanks
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  1. There isn't a huge difference between the P8600(2.4ghz) and the T6500 (2.1ghz). For basic uses you probably won't see a difference. The GT 130M, however, is a better GPU than the 9600 GS and that would be more noticeable with your games.

    And by LED backlight, do you mean the LCD is LED backlit or the keyboard is?
  2. LED LCD, sorry
  3. They are supposed to be brighter and a little more power efficient. Not a huge deal, but a nice touch.
  4. Alright thanks, I was under the impression that the 2mb L2 cache in the t6400 was inferior to the 3mb L2 cache in the p8600. Would you happen to know if that is a big deal?
  5. Nope, not a big deal. Like I said, you won't see much of a difference with the uses you have in mind.
  6. mmmk, thanks for your help
  7. Hey don't get the one with 9600m GS since it is a rebadged 8600m GT.
    and all 8400m,8600m gpus are defective . see on google!
    best of luck
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