Samsung 226BW vs 245BW vs Westinghouse L2410NM

Hi Everyone,

I'm finally upgrading my monitor for multi-purpose uses, and I'd like some help trying to pick out the best one for my needs.

I'm primarily looking at the 22" Samsung 226BW, the 24" Samsung 245BW, and the 24" Westinghouse L2410NM. Price is certainly an issue, and I'm stretching with the 245BW. However, if I'm convinced it is the clear winner, I'm willing to shell out the extra money.

First of all, the prices are ~
$300 for the 226BW
$400 for the L2410NM
$480 for the 245BW

Based on all of the reviews I've read, the 226BW would be an excellent choice for 22". However, I'm not sure if I want 22" vs. 24". I do a lot of Photoshop editing and web development, so I'm really looking for real estate. Sure, I could add another panel in the future or use my currently 17" Dell LCD, but I'm not sure I'll have the desk space. Real estate is my primary concern right now.

I'll be using it mainly for Photoshop and web development for a while, but I'm hoping to overhaul my system soon and get back into gaming (though not really serious gaming). I'm hoping to do a little WOW, TF2, maybe SCII. But gaming will never exceed my work.

I've looked at the space that the 1900x1200 resolution gains me, and I really would like to have it (again, b/c this will be a vast majority of the use for quite a while). However, if the panel has problems with ghosting (reviews for 245BW) or trouble with blacks (L2410NM), I want to get the best bang for my buck without having to "rebuy" in the future (I don't want to `replace` it). I'm ok with adding another 22" at a later point, but it will probably be a long way off in the future (because it won't be top priority).

I've been surprised to read that the 245BW hasn't gotten near the "rave" reviews that the 226BW got. Does anyone know why??? Also, the 245BW is a TN panel.

I see that the L2410NM seems to be a great quality/cost ratio. But does that mean when I start gaming I'm going to be really disappointed?? This model is an MVA panel (surprising at this price).

So, does anyone have any information on the questions above?

Should I go for one of the 24"? If so, which would you recommend and why? Or should I try to make room for my 17" for now and use it as a second panel along with the 22"??? (And why?) :)

Thanks in advance for your input!!
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  1. I am also trying to compare the 2 24' monitors, I was hoping others would replt to this thread also :{
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