These two versions of this laptop have differing specs, the tescos with the apparently quicker processor and more caches but lower graphics memory vs the slower cpu on argos with more graphics memory.

Which of these offer the best overall performance and by how much?

There is a difference in price of £50, but that makes little difference to me. I would like to have the extra hard disk space on the more expensive tesco's model but am willing to sacrifice that if it is the case that the perfomance is more than slightly lower.
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  1. Go with the argos one, the gfx is better and the difference between the two laptop s is minute in processor speed
  2. Upendra09 said:
    Go with the argos one, the gfx is better and the difference between the two laptop s is minute in processor speed

    How do you figure? And don't say "because it has more VRAM". They are the exact same GPU. More VRAM will only help at high resolutions and using AA and AF during games and at 720p it's not going to make any difference. Look at any of the game benchmarks on the Tom's charts, pick a game at 1280x1024 (closest to what he will be running) and the difference between the same GPU with different amounts of VRAM will be negligible.

    Most of the time at lower resolutions, your gaming experience will be capped by your CPU. So in this instance, the slightly faster CPU may provide more of a benefit than more VRAM.
  3. ALso one other thing I did notice was that the tesco's model specifies DD3 RAM on the 9600GT whhere as argos does not specify the tpye of memory so it oculd well be 1GB of DDR2?

    I am reasonably capable of looking at individual components here and deciding which is better with accuracy I am just never sure what components have the larger role and effect performance more.
  4. Both laptops will perform close to each other,also 1GB VS 512MB won't make much of a difference.
    I would go with the first one since it has a slightly better CPU because it has more cache,also it has more HDD too
  5. The T series processors are standard voltage cores as opposed to the P series using lower voltages, would this mean that the P series has more room for a safe reliable overclock?

    Meant to say in the first that if there are any other laptops in the price range 550 to 650 to go ahead and suggest, I did however do an extensive search and not very much comes even close....
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