Sony Cybershot DSC-w80 Memory Stick formatting Error

I bought a Cybershot and an 8 gig memory stick pro duo (a real one, not a knockoff from ebay) and I have had nothing but trouble. When I insert the pro duo and turn on the camera, I get a message saying "memory stick formatting error." I formatted it with a psp and the stick worked in the camera for a little bit, but the pictures didn't turn out. When I tried to preview them I got a blue screen and "file error" message and when I viewed them on my laptop, they all were corrupted with many horizontal colored lines. I'm getting the "formatting error" message again. I don't believe this is a problem with the memory because I've used it in other devices without problem, but after I get the formatting error message, my computer doesn't recognize the memory either.
Any suggestions for how to fix these problems?
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  1. hi, i have the SAME problem >.<
    did you find a way to solve it??
  2. try a different mem stick and see if you can see the pictures on your computer
  3. Hey , i carry Cybershot- DSCT20 cam
    I too have come across this issue "Memory stick formatting error" .
    The solution for it is , i fornatted the MMC using option format-> fat32. and after completion umount and insert the same in cam.
    It works prefectly!

    I used gparted in Linux and detected as /dev/sdb1/ -> rite click on the list /dev/sdb1-/media/disk-1/ -> format to *ext2, *ext3, *fat16, *fat32 etc. You format using **fat32 and umount the same.

    All d best!
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