Help Choosing between laptops...

Alright I'm in a dilemma right now don't know which to chose. So i either need a vote or which one would actually be better.

Each Laptop will have the same of the following:
CPU-Core 2 Duo T9600
Hard Drive-Seagate 250GB 7200.4
Wifi- Intel Wifi 5300
RAM- 4GB OCZ 800mhz low latency ram
Video Card- 9600m GT DDR3

Im getting a barebone laptop not sure which one to get..

MSI MS1722 17inch(1680x1050)
MSI MS1651 15.4 (1280X800)

I wanna know which one I should get.. The only high intense gaming is Prob between TF2 and L4D which i dont play alot..
Most games I play is DotA on WC3, CS 1.6 and CSS and I think the other game I would prob play will be DIABLO 3 and Starcraft 2 which are not intense games..

The other barebone I was looking at was an OCZ barebone
with Radeon HD3650 GPU with 512MB GDDR3 another 15.4

or if someone has a site that sells cheap barebone laptops by itself can you give me link if not which laptop should i go wit?
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    For those games, a 9600GT will power the 17" screen nicely. I'd get that.
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