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I have been handling a server from last 2 months.Actually this server as owner says got restart suddenly then when it started working suddenly all machine attached to it got dump error.After manually restarting the server the attached machine came back to life but server got out off order.Its getting restart continuously after every 10 seconds.It reaches till booting point then suddenly dump error screen flashes for a second or two then again it gets restart.
I am trying to solve this problem but am not getting where it is actually.So now I have decided to format its C drive,but problem is that office persons will loose there database as they didnt took backup from last week.
What to do?
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  1. Check if the internal fans are running, remove multiple memory sticks and start one by one stick, exchange memory or test memory on another system.
    Restarting after 10 seconds can be a failing CPU/ failing cpu-cooling, bad memory sticks, power supply going bad- including failing power circuitry of the motherboard.
    Do not format c:/ drive, before backing it up in another machine (use it as slave drive on another machine to copy data). Your problem is not looking like a software problem.
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