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Question, with the audigy 2 zs platinum, do u have to have the front panel installedon your computer in one of the slots? Or can you do without it? I have mine currently in but was thinking about taking it out but i dont know if you have to keep it in there or not.....
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  1. No, they sell a version without it. You just will lose the added functions the panel gives you. Sound card will work as designed.

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  2. hmm, ok, might try taking it out, only thing i really use it for is to plug headphones in atm. Can always add it back if i ever want to connect more items.
  3. just doesnt look so good on the front of my lian li case which has covers for all the other drives, also i didnt have any extra round ide cables so it will get rid of that nasty flat cable i have in the case right now....:p
  4. You can take it out but if you ever want to run 5.1 Dolby Digital, DTS or any other digital ins or outs other than the SPDIF out the rear then you'll have to put it back in. I've the same card/setup and I rarely use the front panel but if I ever want to watch a DVD on my puter in 5.1 I have to run the coaxial line from the frontpanel to my Onkyo reciever. So I keep it around for "just in case".

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