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ok, can someone tell me what the choices are when it comes to stands for the logitech z5500 speakers. I do not want to modify the speakers in any way and I would prefer to be able to adjust the heights if possible. Colour is not that big of a deal but I think black would work best for me.

please advise, it seems like there are some crazy people out there who want to modify there speakers etc etc no tanks, give me simple and aesthetically pleasing every time.

I tried searching but its late and im really tired and need ya help guys cmon :)
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  1. What i did only cost me 8 dollars per stand..I visited the hardware store & bought 4 straight shovel handles that were tapered on one end. Then i cut them 41"Long & painted them gloss black. Them i got one piece of board 2x 12 wide x12"long a nice square base then in the certer i made a 3 quarter inch hole after covering the base in a nice black felt i glued the tapered end of the pole & put it in the hole and made sure it was nice'n straight up and down to dry..Then i outlined the z-5500 speaker stand on a piece of 3 quarter inch plywood then cut it out so it looked like a horse shoe & made holes to match the holes in the stand so i could bolt them on.Then i screwed it at the top of the pole & also painted it black..Then the last thing i did was i picked up some real small rings that has small screw on it so you can screw them at the back end of the pole so when you fish your speaker wire in the rings it looks neet and you use about 15 of them from top to bottom then over all give the hole thing about 3 good coats of paint & after that they look store bought at a very cheap price plus you can ever buy some small rubber legs for each stand to give it that classie look
  2. Great solution. I have done something similar except I used 2X4's to build stands for hifi speakers.

    I never considered hardwood shove handles.
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